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Yoga Professionals

About Us

Founded in 2007, Yoga Professionals was developed from years of yoga teaching experience, from ashram and Western yoga teacher training.

Tutors at Yoga Professionals are trained in various lineages and practices of yoga. The philosophy of unity in diversity is part of our training ethos. From swami training to Ashtangha and Iyengar traditions, our tutors have years of experience of yoga at both personal and practice level.

With respect for all paths of yoga lineages, Yoga Professionals training will prepare you to teach safe, effective and inclusive yoga classes that meet the needs of 21st century participants.

From ancient spiritual texts through to the code of ethics along with health, safety and professionalism at work, Yoga Professionals are dedicated to training professional yoga teachers.

Home study of anatomy and physiology, professionalism in the work place and common conditions (illness, pregnancy, injury) found in yoga classes replace the extended days of study (keeping costs and time factors down).

The world needs yoga teachers now, and we believe people who have immersed themselves in the practice, can become wonderful teachers of the light of yoga within the 21st century modal of living. Face to face training, online content, home study, practical teaching assessment and self discipline are all part of the training programme,

Practice, dedicate, realise, teach!

Conrad (center) and some of his fellow students on the beach platform

The Ganga, Rishikesh, India.

Conrad is top left, below is the then Bramacharia Sita (now Swami Sita), middle Swami Swaroopananda and right the beloved Swami SadaSivananda (Conrad's Swamiji)

Student Testimonial

"Everything about this course has been positive. Yoga is a system that crosses from fitness and good health to mental and emotional wellbeing. That is definitely the benefit for me. Being a Pilates and Bodybalance instructor already I always doubted I'd have the ability to do yoga instructing justice. With Yoga Professionals behind me and a very well thought out course, I feel when I pass I'll be well prepared for the beggining of my yoga profession.

I found home study hard, juggling home and work life etc, but the tutors were very encouraging when I needed them to be. Everything changed for me though after the first weekend workshop. I came away from that on a high from all the masses of information given, good clear teaching in an encouraging and motivating environment. My husband asked me how it had gone and I said I had a similar feeling after childbirth.......exhaustion mixed with euphoria!

Yes I am happy I picked Yoga Professionals!"


Conrad with his beloved Swami SadaSivananda at the January 2005 Teacher Training Course, Nassau, Bahamas

From left to right: Emily, Conrad, Kim