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Yoga Professionals

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It is said that a dip in the Holy river Ganges washes away all past karma. Take a dip here with Conrad Paul in Haradwar bathing ghats, India, during the Khumba Melha in 2010 where 30 million Yogis and Hindus meet at this auspicious time to take part in this wonderful ritual of dipping 3 times; one for the physical, one for the astral, and one for the causal body.

Pre-course reading essentials

Recommended reading prior to the course is Conrad Paul's book which was commissioned by Bloomsbury Books as a guide to the Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga standards and highlights the philosophy, history, practices and ancient lineages of the various paths of yoga with emphasis on the system of Hatha and its integration in the Western lifestyle through Vinyasa, dynamic, restorative and meditation yoga practices. The book also contains a section on sequencing with specialised sequences for digestive health, preparation for meditation, balance, devotion and affection to oneself included. A must read for all potential students of this course.

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