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Yoga Professionals

Home Practice DVD now available here - watch now!

Please note this is not the week 5 class students teach for their assessment this is a home practice vinyasa flow class. The week 5 assessment class is less dynamic in practice. This is for personal practice.

Pranayama roof top series with Conrad Paul

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before practicing pranayama. Anyone with High BP, Glaucoma or respiratory disease should not do this practice. Please see the medical disclaimer on the home practice video above before starting this practice. Namaste. Please watch the video once before beginning the practice. In time (over a few weeks of practice) you will be able to perform all pranayamas taught but miss out any if you find them too powerful and introduce them as you build your experience. Yoga is for life; take it one day at a time.

Video contains a 5 minute practice to include 5 rounds of nadi shodana (channel purification) with nasakagra mudra, kapalabhati (shining skull exercise) x 3 rounds of 30 pumps with short antar (internal) kumbhaka (retention) with jalandhara bandha (throat lock), sithali (cooling breath) x 3 with jalandhara banda and bramhari (humming bee breath) x 3 followed by contemplation on the mantra "I am Satchitananda" (I am existence knowledge absolute). I hope you enjoy! Om Tat Sat!

Supine warm up from the Teaching Vinyasa Certificate Course 28.06.15


Gayatri mantra
Yoga Professionals (All things Yoga)

Asato Ma
Yoga Professionals (All things Yoga)

Poornam (Perfect prayer)
Yoga Professionals (All things Yoga)

Loka Samsatha
Yoga Professionals (All things Yoga)

The 5 sheaths deep relaxation for healing practice. A vital and essential yoga technique for 21st Century living.

Pancha Maya Kosha Deep Relaxation for Healing
Yoga Professionals (YOga Professionals Training)

This is a healing Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) technique which utilises the energy field of the body (pranamaya kosha) and merges it with the healing power of the mind (manomaya kosha) to explore the deepest layers of the body (annamayakosha). An essential practice for anyone wishing to heal or maintain health and find complete relaxation. Yoga Nidra takes us into the space between sleep and dreaming where subconscious mental afflictions can be observed and removed. A truly Divine practice to be used by all your friends and family at anytime but especially during stress and illness. Please send this link to all and shine the light of this ancient yoga practice taught here by Conrad Paul.

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