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Yoga Professionals

Student Testimonials

Welcome to the Student Testimonials page. Here you can read what other students thought about their own experience.

Whilst we could never promise everyone will have the same experience, we do our best to help shine the light in all of us.

Om Tat Sat.

Aarati by The Ganga, Haradwar, India, Khumba Mela 2010.

Said to have descended from the Vedic fire rituals or homa, during the ceremony offerings are made to the deity, in this case The Mother Ganga, with the ritual of burning incense to purify the mind and to offer up like the rising smoke to the deity, your spiritual intentions.

Dear Yoga Professionals tutors,

Just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding teaching of the face to face element of the Diploma in Teaching Yoga Course.

I would like to add the following in regards to the course:-

The blended learning format is ideal, it makes the whole course easy to manage.

I feel ready to teach and inspired to learn more, the underpinning knowledge of anatomy and physiology, yoga theory and history, gives the confidence that you know your subject beyond just being able to produce a lesson plan and teach it.

I knew this was the right course for me on first contact with the YMCA sales team, their warm enthusiastic approach is superb.

Lastly id like to say the venue was also first class, I would recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to become yoga teacher.

Mark 20.05.14


First of all I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you gave me on your teacher training course. I loved your explanations of the whole philosophy of yoga, and I loved your spiritual energy and humor.

I learned so much from you it was quite sad when the Saturdays came to an end. I found the course very intensive, but it pushed me to discipline myself to practice my Yoga everyday and keep a journal, introduce more breathing techniques, meditation and progress within my postures. I am so glad that through my initial research on yoga teaching courses, I came across the Yoga Professionals course and therefore didn't go with the first one I had found.

I think I am ready to teach, and cannot wait until I get this Anatomy and physiology out the way so I can start looking for jobs as a Yoga teacher. I definitely want to continue to learn more.

I learnt in more depth about the internal health benefits of Yoga, especially the benefits for the digestive system, I have progressed so much more within my own practice. Yoga is such a powerful tool, I take from the box what i want to achieve everyday.

Thank you so much to my tutors, you are complete stars and I feel very lucky and privileged and blessed to have been taught by you.

Best wishes and lots of Love and Light.


Julie xxxxxxx


I recently undertook the Level 3 Diploma in teaching Yoga through the YMCA. I had practiced yoga for several years and in the back of my mind for the last couple of years I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I had misgivings about not being flexible enough to become a teacher, but I put this negativity to one side and signed up in February 2014, having just completed the course I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The course content was fast paced, but allowed me to understand the traditions of yoga, and various teaching styles encompassed under the banner of Hatha Yoga. The practice element within a group setting allowed you to develop as a teacher and was in bite size chunks gradually building your skills and confidence. The Vinyasa themed classes were amazing, in particular the salute to Lord Shiva and digestive practice. I learned a lot of new techniques but more importantly how to refine and improve my own practice. I now concentrate whole heartedly on my sun salutations rather than just going through the motions. The course has changed my own yoga practice radically and made me more philosophical and a little more spiritual.

The course has given me the base to teach classes and develop as an Instructor. It also showed me this is a journey for life, and I will continue to learn and grow with experience. I have a desire to continue learning and will be back for the two day vinyasa flow course early next year.


"I cannot find find the words which would do justice to how much I enjoyed my first weekend of training and what a profound impact it had on me. The quality of teaching was excellent, second to none. The tutors have a natural gift for communicating and teaching. The time flew by despite the intense nature of the days due to his knowledge, teaching skills, humour and patience.

The content of the course is challenging intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Yet, I came away from the weekend feeling totally energised and inspired by what I had learnt. I actually practiced mediation! I have been listening to chants! However, the best things for me is how I feel about myself, the world and how positively friends have responded to me.

Finally, the icing on the cake are my fellow students. Everyone of them seems so genuinely friendly and supportive. You always worry about whom we are going to be sharing your learning experience, but I should have had more faith. I am really looking forward to the coming weekend.

Love and respect"


I am so happy that I chose to train with YMCA Fit/Yoga Professionals for my Diploma in Teaching Yoga and I would like to express my deep gratitude to our lovely teachers, they were wonderful people and they taught us to see yoga and things in life from a different perspective, and that is a very valuable lesson in my opinion! The tutors have reignited my desire to keep learning about the subject of yoga and taught us to stretch our minds/perceptions as well as our bodies. There was a lot of food for thought with each yoga session and practice and I feel ready for the teaching challenge, which will only help me learn more about connecting with other souls.

Kind regards,

Laura 19.05.14