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Yoga Professionals

Teaching Vinyasa 2 day CPD Certificate Course - 6 REPs cpd

Teaching Vinyasa 

Within Hatha Yoga teaching practices Vinyasa flow is ‘the linking of postures’ to bring focus and concentration to both breath and movement. This style of ‘power yoga’ was made popular by the ‘Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama Primary Series’ style (56 Hatha Yoga postures linked together) taught by the famous Krisnamacharia and his disciples, which led to its later development into a more freestyle sequencing by Viniyoga and others.

You will take away the skills to design your own Vinyasa Flow classes or one-to-one sessions and add elements of themed styles, advanced sequences for strength, flexibility, co-ordination and concentration.

Contact us below to let us know you are interested in doing the 'Teaching Vinyasa' CPD course and for further information.

Learn to…

  • Design exciting and challenging programmes within the context of Vinyasa flow from floor-based core sequences to power jump linking, strength, digestion and balance.
  • Focus on correct technique and alignment.
  • Improve student observation skills and ability to correct with and without the use of hands-on correction.
  • Utilise a range of sequences that through real life teaching and popularity are proven to add to your teaching styles to be a better and more versatile teacher, which will suit the needs of all yoga participants and timetables.
Understand how to sequence postures effectively for both one-to-one and class environment.

Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Teaching Yoga or 'working towards'

2 day face-to-face learning (a mixture of theory and practical)

  • No formal assessment, however full course participation is required to receive certification
Yoga Professionals
SkillsActive approved 6 cpd points