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Yoga Professionals

Yoga for Cancer, Cardiac and Life Threatening Illness

Conrad Paul, founder of Yoga Professionals is one of only over 1000 trained 'Yoga for Cancer' teachers worldwide, and is knowledgeable and experienced in this field. Conrad specialises in cancer treatment yoga practices. Working with the mind to help relax through the difficult procedures that are part of many cancer treatments To include:

  • Chemotherapy sessions,
  • Esophagus cancer laser treatment,
  • Post surgery recovery and rehabilitation

Conrad is trained to understand the various stages of cancer, the medication and treatment by orthodox medicine, and working with this. He has a degree in Combined Studies of Complementary Medicine in Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine BSc, and understands the human body and its interaction with disease and pharmacology. All practices are integrated into the individual or group medical treatment. He worked for 3 years on the Cancer Survivorship Programme for the Aquaterra Health and Leisure Club chain. The program received a commendation for oncology aftercare and was awarded funding for 3 more years.

Specialised yoga classes, 1/1 sessions are taught by Conrad for people in all stages of cancer including,

  • Preparation for surgery, strength of body, diet, mental state, relaxation, concentration, meditation, motivation and spiritual bonding
  • Recovery from surgery, strength of body, diet, mental state, relaxation, motivation, rehabilitation of body, post surgery
  • Post recovery health and well-being program

Click the healing meditation below, lie down on your back in a comfortable position and connect with your healing potential for health and healing.

Pancha Maya Kosha Relaxation for Healing
Yoga Professionals (Yoga Professionals Training)

This lying relaxation is a powerful tool in building and maintaining health.