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Yoga Professionals

Yogi Kids, exercise, play, education and relaxation course - Coming Summer 2015!

Yogi Kids, exercise, play, education and relaxation is the interactive yoga session for children from ages 3-6, 7-12- 13-16yrs. Yogi Kids incorporates yoga exercise, breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and education for fun, fitness and happiness. Blessed with innocence and freshness children have no malice or jealousy in them, yoga can channel these beautiful qualities and help them grow into responsible, caring, healthy individuals who can play, relax, interact, exercise, concentrate and be happy.

This course is designed to incorporate exercise, play, concentration, education and relaxation through fun activities for ages.

A blended learning experience of home study to include anatomy and physiology and professionalism in the workplace at level 2. Practical face to face contact days over four days preparing the learner to design effective and fun yoga exercise sessions that include games, education, concentration, teamwork and relaxation. Sessions incorporate co-ordination and movement for balance as well as body spatial awareness to challenge their fitness levels, confidence, senses, imagination and concentration. 

Education on the benefits of physical activity, mental concentration, correct breathing,

teamwork and relaxation are progressed as the children get older and are incorporated

with increasing knowledge levels of each pose. Progressive learning based around

knowledge that is based around the names of the postures range from animals, nature,

environment and space, as well as human anatomy, healthy living, world cultures and

good citizenship.

Format: Home study and 4 face-to-face practical/theory days

Blended learning

• Face to face learning: 4 days practical plus hand-in assessment (submitted via DVD) and

• Distance learning: theory via eLearning and study pack.

• Intensive

• 4 days practical

Prerequisite qualifications



Multiple choice theory papers


DVD submission of teaching a class